The Quest For Eternity

A place for all of my gaming screenshots. Guild Wars 2, primarily.

The idea behind ‘Quest For Eternity’ came about in 2015. I had played Guild Wars 2 at release in 2012/2013, but didn’t get very far. I’ve played many MMOs, and after awhile realized that crafting was what interested me the most. I began searching for the coolest looking armor/weapons in gaming that could be crafted and discovered Guild Wars 2’s crafting system that I had previously overlooked. In 2015 I returned and began taking snapshots to document my progress towards crafting eternity (created by combining legendary swords Sunrise and Twilight). About 70% through my progress the requirements for crafting the swords changed (I believe this was just after the Heart of Thorns release) and I gave up for a short time. I’d returned in 2017 and began taking more snapshots continuing the progress of my Reaper and Warrior characters and working towards a more realistic goal of crafting just Twilight for now. I’ve included some general links below that may be helpful to new comers, and sort of as a reference for myself too.

Hope you enjoy the galleries! See my info below if you’d like to catch me online!

  • Server: Eredon Terrace
  • Username: Wintermyute.4853
  • Character Name: Ashes the Messenger (Reaper), Winters End (Warrior)

GW2 Main Page // Event Timers // Crafting Tips // Gem Store